The perfect home for camera drones

DJI is the leading manufacturer of high-quality camera drones. Their remote-controlled drones feature a built-in camera system that can take high-resolution photos up to 20 MP depending on the model. The DJI Mavic Pro can reach altitudes up to seven kilometers with a flight time of around 25 minutes. They can also be folded up for easier transport. 

B&W's outdoor cases feature customizable interiors for optimal protection of sensitive camera drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro or the DJI Mavic Mini plus accessories. The custom-fit foam insert gently cushions the sensitive technology and the rugged shell withstands drops and impacts with ease, protecting the delicate contents better than any other.


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B&W Outdoor Case Typ 7200 mit Schaumstoffeinlagen (FI)

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Emergency case type 6500

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