Versatile accessories such as a backpack system and wall mount for B&W outdoor cases

There is a variety of accessories available for our B&W outdoor cases to provide additional comfort and/or more organization and a custom layout for your specialty case. To transport your outdoor case comfortably on long trips, a special backpack system can be attached to the case. The lid remains accessible, allowing for easy access to equipment at all times, even when the case is on your back. 

For more organization and a better overview, there is the B&W wall mount, onto which outdoor cases type 3000–6000 can be practically attached to save space. Another custom interior option is a mounting frame, made of either plastic or aluminum, which can be used to easily mount things like instrument panels. Other interior options are a lid pouch made of foam or mesh for documents or small parts, and a durable, weatherproof shoulder strap for more carrying variation and comfort.